Pour some coupons on me! The group discount shopping service Groupon, a key player whenever you're looking to get some kind of weird spa treatment, is teaming up with ticket megalith Live Nation Entertainment on a new venture that will let people get tickets to live events at a discount.

Groupon shoppers can get discounted tickets to live events through the new site called GrouponLive. The launch is being timed to coincide with the big summer concert season. Here's what I wonder: is this just going to be a clearinghouse for the sucky tickets and sucky shows? Like do you really expect to see big savings on, I don't know, Lady Gaga tickets here? Or will it be more like the A-Ha reunion tour with special guests Kajagoogoo? Actually, I would totally go to that show.

The musicians in the room are wondering how they're going to make money now. They can't sell CDs. Now, people are going to buy tickets to shows at Groupon discounts?

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