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Jen Reel: My name is Jen Reel and I live in Austin, Texas. Well, I actually found this wallet in a little store in Austin. And it's red and it's got some pictures of owls on it.

There's two credit cards, there's a couple of random cards from different restaurants and so forth. This one's right by my house. It's a great little walk-up taco joint; it's called "Taco Mex." Got a lovely picture of a gentleman with a beautiful mustache holding a drink and a taco and what looks to be an alcoholic drink, although they don't serve alcoholic drinks at that, so it's a little misleading.

Oh! And I have a member card for Car-To-Go. Basically, this is my access to 200 or 300 different Smart cars here in Austin. With this card, I can walk up to any Smart car and scan it and it will let me in, I can drive off. It charges me 35 cents a minute. I recently sold my car and decided to just be able to get around via bicycle, and Austin's a great place to bike. Of course, now it's getting really hot, so we'll see how I feel in June.

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