You can look at this new operation, which launches today, in two ways: a chance to make money as you're out walking around or a chance to ruin a walk by feeling like you should be making money. Regardless, a new service called Gigwalk will pay you to perform small tasks, often involving your phone, while you're out.

The idea is this: If you need something simple done at your store or other physical location, as long as it's something almost anyone can do, you can put a job up on Gigwalk for people to grab. Example jobs include: Verifying (with a photo) the placement of a traffic sign, or evaluating the quality of service at a retailer. Jobs like that are currently in the system here in San Francisco.

Gigwalk makes money by taking a cut from what the business pays. Like a tiny temp agency. Will this business catch on and succeed despite how hopelessly dot com bubble it all seems? We shall see*.

  • No.

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