Of course before Sony launches any kind of game console, they should probably make sure they're gaming network platform works and right now it's broke as a joke. Man, what a hack this has turned out to be. The PlayStation Network went down late last Wednesday and is only now beginning to emerge slowly after what is said to be a total rebuild. That's a lot of days for the service's 70 million customers to be without network gaming (yeah yeah, it's just video games but 70 million customers is 70 million customers and imagine if all sports or movie theaters went out for five days). It looks like Sony pulled the plug itself as a precaution against an "external intrusion" (I'm not sure how you could have an INternal intrusion but whatever). That must be a pretty massive security breach on what now looks like a system with really lousy security. If I was a PlayStation Network customer, I'd be changing a whole lot of passwords right now.

Amusingly, Anonymous says they have nothing to do with this one.

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