Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian best known for experimenting with a McDonald's-only diet in the movie "Super-Size Me," joined Kai Ryssdal on the show today to talk about his latest project: "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," a theatrical dig at the world of product placement.

The movie was completely paid for with carefully-crafted product placements from various brands, from POM Wonderful to jetBlue, that were integrated seamlessly into Spurlock's movie (and his suit).

"I think that we live in a world today where you can't leave your house, you can't do anything without somebody trying to market something to you, without me trying to sell you something," Spurlock said in the interview. "And that continues to creep into our entertainment more and more today. So I thought this was a good film at the right time."

We captured a few snapshots of Spurlock during his visit to the Marketplace studios. Here he is looking like a NASCAR driver. View more photos and listen to the complete interview later today.

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