The upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has been immortalized in many ways -- from the traditional commemorative coin and china, to a Kate Middleton tribute beer, novelty PEZ dispensers, and of course, refrigerator -- but now Papa John's has taken the cake -- or ... pie.

A pizza pie, to be exact, which is topped with all the fixings to form a portrait of the happy couple. Princess Catherine's hair of black olives and yellow pepper highlights are topped with a veil of sliced mushrooms. Prince William's suit of pepperoni and green olives are accented by the corn tie. Both faces are made of ham chunks.

"We just had to do something special to celebrate this momentous occasion," said Jack Swaysland, United Kingdom vice president of Papa John's in the Courier-Journal. "It seems like the whole country has got royal wedding fever."

Papa John's worked with a food artist to capture the likenesses of the royal couple ahead of the April 29th wedding.