A tax file with the word "taxes."
A tax file with the word "taxes." - 
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STEVE CHIOTAKIS: Monday's tax day, and for all the complaining that goes along with that day, a new poll shows a small majority of Americans believe the taxes they pay are somewhat or very fair.

The Associated Press and polling firm GfK took the survey and Geoff Feinberg with GfK is with us now. Hi Geoff.

GEOFF FEINBERG: Hi good morning.

CHIOTAKIS: Your poll is painting a not-so-gloomy picture of how we feel about the taxes that we have. Why is that?

FEINBERG: On balance, Americans are slightly likely to say that they think that the tax rate they pay is fair. That's certainly not true though among those in middle age, those who are kind of in the thick of raising a family and paying off their mortgage and everything and in fact a majority of those between the ages of 30 and 65 think that they're paying too much. Males who are not married are particularly unhappy with the amount they pay. And interestingly, African Americans -- the majority of them think that the amount they pay is unfair and that's in contrast to Hispanics and other Americans.

CHIOTAKIS: Any surprises that you saw in the poll?

FEINBERG: To be honest what surprised me is that for all of the ranker in Washington today, this great divide we see between republicans and democrats, I was surprised to see that nearly half of republicans in our poll say that they believe that the tax rate they pay is fair -- 47 percent. Now to be sure democrats are more likely to feel that they're fairly taxed, but the divide between democrats and republicans on this question is not as big as you would think. Americans just want to be treated fairly and smartly. And so long as politicians understand that, and understand that Americans are willing to pay what they consider to be their fair share, i think they they'll be on the right track.

CHIOTAKIS: Geoff Feinberg with GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. Geoff thanks.

FEINBERG: Thanks very much.