So this is kind of neat. The problem with most trivia quizzes is that you can always Google the answer and solve it right away. No fun. Google (which, you'll recall, has tons of smart people trying to keep themselves busy all day) has a solution. They've launched a daily trivia question at where getting the answer through Google is a bit more complicated. For instance, today's question is "My name is Robert. One day before my brother Rohan's 19th birthday, our father had an album on the Billboard 200. Name the album." I know it's Bob Marley but to really dig in to what album of his was on the charts in May 2001 when Rohan (whose birthday I Wikipediaed) was 19.

The questions are easiest on Monday and get harder as the week goes along. If you're stumped or want to check your answer, there's a button to hit that reveals the answer and how it was found.

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