You will be able to tell your grandchildren you were there when the battles commenced. Last week we told you how Time Warner caved to pressure from Viacom and removed channels like Comedy Central and MTV from the iPad app that it offers to its customers that subscribe to both cable and internet. Time Warner's philosophy was that since customers are paying for it anyway, they should get it on whichever screen they want. Time Warner quickly replaced the Viacom content with NEW channels on Friday, including A&E, CNN, and ESPN news. Now, Cablevision has just launched its own app with even more channels than Time Warner has and we'll have to watch and see if they get smacked down as well.

Me, I have Comcast for both TV and internet at home and I really doubt I'll ever get this feature because Comcast owns NBC/Universal now and why would they make it easier to get channels they don't own. Media consolidation!

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