That's the hot rumor going around this morning. The buzz is that HTC will debut the phone next week and that it will have a 3D screen with no glasses required (presumably, holding your head in juuuuust the right position will be required). The technology is not, in itself, all that stunning seeing as how we've been waiting on a 3D Nintendo DS for over a year now, but this would be the first application for a phone. What can you do with a 3D phone, you ask? Apparently HTC would be launching the phone (which would be on Android) with some specialized 3D apps. From there, owners of the phone would just have to hope that it catches on so more stuff could go on there as well.

(from our meeting this morning)
LARISSA: Why would someone want a 3D phone?
JOHN: So they can tell their friends they have a 3D phone.
LARISSA: But what would it do?
JOHN: Not be a 2D phone.

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