Yeah, sure, because why not? They already have social media, Batman movies, geolocation, games, email, and other stuff. Baseball? Sure, hell, slap it up there. Major League Baseball is presenting one spring training game per day through its Facebook page. This will continue through the start of the regular season and possibly into the regular season. It's a promotion for baseball's video subscription service (get hooked on Facebook for free, give us money when the games count) but it does point to more investment in Facebook as a video distribution platform.

Of course, can you ever imagine saying, "Hey I feel like watching a ballgame. I think I'll pull up FACEBOOK!" No. Not unless you follow that by saying, "Because I'm the strangest person anyone knows."

*Photo: Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda talks with Dave Anderson, coach of the Texas Rangers. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images *

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