Says guy with a vested interest in console games dying. Peter Vesterbacka is the founder and CEO of Rovio, the company that made the ridiculously popular Angry Birds game. While it's begun branching out to desktop computers and, yes, consoles, Angry Birds built an empire out of selling for a few dollars on mobile phones and, later, tablet computers. He says console games cost $40 to $60 and are very difficult to update with new features. Not only that, mobile game companies tend to be smaller, looser, more flexible, and better at innovation than huge bureaucracies like EA or Activision. Vesterbacka also says he doesn't like the term "casual games" since no one ever talks about "casual movies".

So mobile device games are going to destroy the rickety structure that is console games. As if launched at that structure. If only there was some analogy from a game I could employ here.

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