Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook's moved into entertainment: Users can now stream "The Dark Knight" on the social networking site. Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner pondered the etiquette on another popular social media site -- Twitter.

A government program in Mexico is rewarding families for meeting certain obligations like keeping kids in school. Commentator Michele Dunne spoke about whether Egypt truly is ready for democracy. Scott Tong reported from the an energy conference in Texas about how companies are planning for the short and the long term. And Bank of America is aiming to cost cuts. Here are the songs we played:

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  • Funky 24hrs a Day - AnwarriorBuy
  • Give - Sackcloth FashionBuy
  • 21 Guns (Green Day) - The Chart Hit PlayersBuy
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