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Kevin McManus: My name's Kevin McManus and we're at an animal shelter in Los Angeles County. Alright, so my wallet opens up, basically, just in half and I have a little flap that holds my driver's license and then on the other side, I have my credit cards and that kind of stuff. And the $20, the emergency $20, is tucked deeply beneath the driver's license side, so it's not easily seen and often forgot about for periods of time, although I always kinda know it's there.

An old school ID from a school that I haven't gone to in well over a year and a half, and another one for a school I haven't gone to in probably three years. But you never know, when you have to get a discount on a movie ticket or a museum entrance or something like that, so I keep those handy. I actually successfully used one maybe a year ago to get into a museum for a couple bucks off.

I am 37 years old, so I do get funny looks when I try to use the school ID, but it's valid and there's no expiration date, which is the wonderful thing about it. So, I just say I go gray early.

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