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Alan Escobar: My name is Alan Escobar and we're at Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. I have my school ID, university cards and some guitar picks. I have guitar picks because I'm a musician and say, there's a guitar somewhere out there, someone's playing it, I can just ask and see if I can go play with them. It doesn't happen that often but it happens.

Last time it happened to me, I was in downtown. And some guy was playing blues on the street and I just asked him, 'Hey, can I play?' He's like, 'Can you play the blues?' So I was like, 'Yeah!' So I started playing the blues, and he was just wowed.

I have six guitar picks in here. I guess I started carrying them once I got out of high school, once I started taking the bus around. I used to carry my guitar around, so whenever I need money or something, I run low, I'd always play at the bus stop, get some cash.

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