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Tess Vigeland: All right so Steve says the digital wallet is still a ways off. Good news for us, given that we have a new weekly segment peeping into people's wallets all over the country! So what's in your wallet?

Sandy Seibel: I am Sandy Seibel. I am from Rimrock, Ariz. I am at Oakland Farmers Market, downtown Oaktown. My wallet is a black Liz Claiborne. It opens with little clips and it has three compartments to it. And it's full of all kinds of good stuff. I have credit cards and I have receipts and I have money, and I have a list of things that I need to buy from the farmer's market. And I have it marked off on what I did find -- onions, fresh ginger, parsley, lettuce, chives. And then I've got to go somewhere else and find the other things.

I have pictures of my grand-babies. I have four girls, which I call my grand-girls, and my one grandson that I call the boy. And he's six-months-old now. He's good great, big blue eyes just like me.

My good memories are right here in this little part and it's pictures of my granddaughters in San Francisco. And then this is a dear, dear, dear friend of mine that just died this last year. She was my best friend's mother -- beautiful, beautiful lady inside and out.

If I could have anything in my wallet, it would probably be... The pictures I'd have copies of, which are very important to me. But I guess the driver's license cause I've lost that before. But I guess there's really nothing that I can't do without in my wallet.

Vigeland: This week's wallet was pried open by Jenee Darden.

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