The Daily's invitation to the launch announcement.
The Daily's invitation to the launch announcement. - 
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STEVE CHIOTAKIS: In a couple of days, Rupert Murdoch and Apple execs will unveil The Daily -- a new multimedia publication being built exclusively for the iPad. Just don't call it a newspaper.

From Silicon Valley, Marketplace's Steve Henn reports.

STEVE HENN: Like everything Apple touches, The Daily is being built in secret. But Damon Kiesow a digital media fellow the Poynter Institute went digging through computer code on The Daily's website and found mock-ups of its front page.

DAMON KIESOW: With some fun headlines -- "Oprah's Biggest Gamble" and "A Bridge Too Farve."

So the Daily's vibe sounds kinda like a national version of the New York Post. The publishing industry is just as eager to get a peak at The Daily's business model.

KIESOW: The Daily won't be running Apple's iAds -- which are Apple's internal advertising service for their mobile devices.

Instead, News Corps will sell its own advertising. And if The Daily knows its subscribers, it could target ads to each person, based on the time of day -- even location. But if Apple keeps all that information to itself, individually focused advertising will be impossible.

And The Daily might end up looking a lot more like an old fashion newspaper than Rupert Murdoch would like.

In Silicon Valley I'm Steve Henn for Marketplace.