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Tess Vigeland: You know what I forgot to ask Kathy? "What's in your wallet?" But we've found plenty of other folks willing to fish them out and show us.

Ben Willman: My name is Ben Willman, and I am standing at 5th Street and R Northwest in Washington, D.C.

This wallet does have a story. I don't like the typical man wallet that gets like a big bagel in your pocket. I bought just the insert that goes in another wallet and that's what I use, though it hasn't prevented it from growing. I have two ticket stubs to "The Girl's Guide, Second City." I also have two more tickets to theater that I saw with my wife. I keep stubs, because I imagine that I will do a scrapbook one day, but I don't think I've ever done a scrapbook.

I have a Filene's receipt. I'm actually afraid to see what it is. Yeah, this was thinking I might return Christmas gifts, but I guess I can throw that away. I also have an e-mail of a friend who just randomly taped on the inside. My AAA card, my library card, stamps, I also have a picture of my wife and our cat. I had forgotten it was tucked away in there.

I think my father might've given me my first wallet. I do remember his wallet as a giant square, growing thing that erupted receipts and it's hard to believe that it was ever flat. I think I remember being traumatized by the size of that wallet and telling myself that I do not want that type of almost a loaf in your pocket.

Vigeland: Judith Ritter got this wallet opened for us. Tell us what's in yours and post a photo if you like on our Facebook page.

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