Title: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: A Book by Patton Oswalt

Author: Patton Oswalt

Publisher: Scribner

Type: Non Fiction

Released: January 4, 2011

Length: 208 pages

Comedian Patton Oswalt's debut book is a collection of his musings on everything from his grandmother's unusual birthday gifts, his eccentric relatives and his experiences as a high school student working in a movie theater. In one chapter, he parodies how Hollywood relies on comedians to "punch up" truly awful film scripts. The title refers to the Oswalt's theory on the science-fiction scenarios that draw creative teens - zombies, spaceships and wastelands - and how that choice shapes their personalities down the road. The book is a window into Oswalt's creative mind, and into his struggle to find meaning in a disjointed and distracting world. In fact, he ends each chapter with a list of ways he procrastinated while writing certain chapters.

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