This final note to the folks at Starbucks. We know you're going with the tradition you've established using Italian words for your drink sizes. But we thought you should know, when you start offering to supersize your iced drinks soon to a full 31 ounces, be aware that 31 in Italian does not translate to...

Google voice: Trenta.

OK, so Trenta may sound good for the company's new extra large cup size, it's inaccurate. Trenta actually means 30. And the computer-robot Italian-speaker at Google's translate page frankly sounds really disappointed when she tells us that 31 ounces should actually be...

Google voice: Trent-uno.

That's right, trent-uno. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we Americans can't do math. Isn't that just great.

Google voice: Grande.

Oh yeah, sorry, Grande.