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Tess Vigeland: iPhone is on Verizon! iPhone is on Verizon! If your reaction to that news goes something like this:


I'm with you. And I own one. But for commentator John Moe, it's a chance to rewrite the memories of high school homecoming.

John Moe: This week, Verizon announced that it will carry the iPhone on its network. Next week, my two-year contract with AT&T expires.

You know what this means: suddenly I'm the belle of the ball! The girl every fellow is courting at the big dance! Will I make a two-year commitment to Verizon -- Mr. Red -- with his vast networks of coverage? Or I could stay with Mr. Blue, AT&T, who promises me that for all his faults, he'll be much better than Mr. Red.

Oh but Mr. Blue -- can you ever really change?

When I began my relationship with AT&T two years ago, I wanted an iPhone. End of story. Because it was cool. I already had an Apple laptop, after all; I knew where the Apple stores were. I had heard complaints about AT&T's dropped calls and lousy coverage but every relationship requires compromise.

iPhone and I were happy together. Mostly. AT&T's reception was lousy in some places. My house, for instance. Still, what could I do? I was in a committed relationship.

Not any more. Now I have choices. I don't need you, iPhone! Or you, AT&T!

When my contract expires, I'll be besieged by suitors. Not just Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, maybe Sprint and T-Mobile -- Mr. Yellow and Mr. Purple -- promising better coverage, fewer dropped calls, faster speeds, unlimited data plans. Verizon says I could even use my iPhone as a Wi-Fi hub. Oh my.

I could take up with an Android. They have apps, you can watch video on them, play games, I think a few of them might turn into jetpacks or make me lunch -- I'm not really certain. Androids are available from all sorts of carriers.

But iPhone or Android or something else, I'll have to pick just one and commit for two years. Shun the others. And hope my new partner doesn't take me for granted and ignore my needs.

Vigeland: John Moe hosts the Marketplace Tech Report. And trust me, if you're looking for a girl to dance with? He's really not all that.

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