After slashing the company's work force by half, executives at parent company News Corp said they are exploring possibilities to merge the over-the-hill social media site with another property, sell it to someone, or spin it off into its own company. (Actually the Bloomberg story quoted the exec as saying "spinout" instead of "spinoff", which is kind of too late since Myspace spun out on its own). Basically, News Corp is going to try to find some way to dump it where they can hopefully make back a fraction of the zillions of dollars they paid for it originally. Myspace may not be the stinker I keep hammering them for being, though. They still have tens of millions of users and a recent overhaul seems to have worked: The site has seen an uptick in new and returning users since the redesign, Jones said a statement yesterday announcing the firings. More than 3.3 million new profiles have been created since the redesign, and mobile users rose 4 percent between November and December to more than 22 million, he said.

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