We've been cringing along with Google for a few months now as their Google TV product flounders and flops around. Apple TV is selling well but is more or less a conduit to iTunes. Last week at CES, Yahoo previewed the latest version of Yahoo Connected TV (it didn't get much press because it's Yahoo and they haven't been all that cutting edge). Whereas Google TV offers you different shows to watch, Yahoo's angle is more subtle, enabling chat and polls on the show you're watching, you can buy a product you see on the TV. It also lets you port content from your Android or iOS device on to your TV. Will polls get old in a hurry? Of course. But there's something to the idea of moving the show you're watching to a window and pulling up more information as you watch. Imagine watching a movie, spotting an actor you think you know, and pulling up their IMDB profile as you watch.

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