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Tess Vigeland: Couple of years back, the Wall Street Journal had this great blog feature called "What's In Your Wallet." No relation to the Capital One ad slogan. They went around asking regular and famous Joes and Janes to open up their wallets and tell stories about what's in them. The Journal discontinued that blog and the wallet feature. So we are reincarnating it as a regular element on our show and website.

This week we stepped outside our Los Angeles studio to find out, What's in Your Wallet?

Mike Magione: Mike Magione, I'm from Herndon, Va. And we are in front of the Walt Disney Music Center. There's a lot of junk. I carry a bunch of debit cards and a bunch of credit cards, probably about five. I don't use them all. Well, this one I use when I go to Costco and this one I use most of the time, my Chase card. And that's it. And then I have my debit cards, which are actually my main cards.

It's black leather, Calvin Klein. And it folds in three. This is from a carousel at the mall back in Virginia, where I take my son every once in a while. Frequent flyer card, we haven't used it much lately. He's getting a bit old for this, but I think I'm due for a free ride soon. I don't have pictures of my family, which is a shame. It's got lots of coupons, receipts. Inevitably, when I buy something wants me to return it, so I have to save the receipt, otherwise it gets lost.

Vigeland: We have a video of this wallet and we'll open another one next week. Meantime, if you want to know what's in mine, click here.

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