Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Thursday, January 6, 2011

BP is back in the news, with the president's commission's report stating today that the oil spill should be blamed on BP, Halliburton and Transocean. And the oil industry as a whole, too. Bank of America is testing out new fee system that would reward customers for using the ATM or banking online -- which would save the banks money, as opposed to customers going to the actual bank window. Kai spoke with ProPublica's and New York Time's Jesse Eisinger about S&P's announcement of lowering ratings on mortgage-backed securities. He also spoke with Annie Lowrey about whether economics should follow a code of ethics. Commentator David Frum looked ahead in U.S.-China relations. And Stephen Beard reported that more Turkish are leaving Germany's workforce than are coming in. Here are the songs we played:

  • Girl They Won't Believe It - Joss StoneBuy
  • Thank You - Kashmere Stage Band
  • Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N Roses) - Vitamin String QuartetBuy
  • Love is Stronger than Witchcraft - Robert PollardBuy
  • Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom - Mux MoolBuy