And as long as we're fixated on watching TV this morning, it's about to get even easier to get on Netflix. Starting this spring, remote controls from several electronics manufacturers will feature a big fat button that you can hit to take you directly to Netflix streaming.

It will be on Blu-Ray players from Best Buy's in-house Dynex brand, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and others. Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba will also place the Netflix one-click button on remote controls for select new Internet-connected TVs. Remote controls for the Boxee, Iomega and Roku set-top boxes also will feature the Netflix one-click remote.

Netflix says there are over 250 products that support Netflix streaming on to televisions and these remotes will make the whole process much easier for people who want to watch stuff there. This news must be terrifying for the cable companies.

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