Pope Benedict XVI is working to make the Vatican's financial operations more transparent amid a financial investigation involving its bank. The pope today signed a document requiring the Vatican Bank to comply with international regulations to fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The Vatican Bank is under investigation for money laundering.

And Congress's failure to pass a budget in the lame-duck session means NASA is obligated to spend $500 million on a canceled program. President Obama announced his intentions to scrap Ares I -- a rocket that would use solid fuel to take the spacecraft into orbit -- before Congress ended its session without a revised budget. The old budget will continue through March 2011, and so will funding for the now defunct Ares I project.

Finally there's a new way to enjoy your beer in the bath -- by soaking in a bath of beer. The German town of Neuzelle is famous for its brewing history, which includes developing a beer bath therapy for spas. Don't miss the slideshow!