Venture capital Groupon may raise $950 million from private investors to fuel its growth. This comes after recently turning down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google. Analysts read this as an example of how much demand there is for Groupon's product -- daily deals on local businesses. As the company expands globally, Mitchell Hartman says "the potential's huge."

The Bureau of Labor Statistics plans to change the way the government measures unemployment. Until recently, the unemployed could only list their length of unemployment in double digits, so if a person was unemployed for a length of time longer than 100 weeks, it was recorded as 99. The Bureau intends to change the system beginning in January, which will likely cause the jobless number -- currently at 9.8 percent -- to spike up.

And finally, the college application process can be stressful on both parents and teenagers. To avoid stress and conflict, and increase a student's chances at attending their dream school, more parents are turning to a professional education consultant to help with the application process.