This isn't what you'd call great journalism. Or even, arguably, journalism. Nonetheless, welcome to the internet. Here we go: an anonymous source within China told a Japanese blog some details about the unconfirmed but rumored-to-death iPad 2. We're told the device will have a smaller bezel, a flat back panel, and a wide speaker. This rumor also says the device will be ready in late January, so less than a year from when the original iPad dropped. And it contradicts some earlier rumors:

A second rumor that the next iPad will have two cameras--a front camera for FaceTime and a rear camera equipped for recording video, was labeled as "unreliable information" by the blog.

I mean, who the hell knows what this thing will look like by this point but for the moment you should at least think twice before buying that ancient clunky relic of the iPad 1. Grandpa.

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