Today, Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics released a list of 55 U.S. organized according to how cost effective it is to rent a home, rather than buy. The list is organized by ratios: the price to buy a typical home divided by the annual cost of renting that home. A the top of the list: Easy Bay, Cali., and Honolulu. At the bottom, where homes are most affordable: Pittsburgh and Cleveland. You can see the complete list here.

In, 2010 Americans received 2.25 billion credit card offers. That's up 62 percent from last year. A lot of these envelopes are going to people with credit scores under 700, so people with good credit, but not great credit.

And finally, Steve Chiotakis talks to the Oxford English Dictionary's Jesse Sheidlower about the political buzzwords we heard in 2010. Words like earmark, pork barrel, filibuster.