Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace Money, Friday, December 17, 2010

Appropriate to the season, we covered a lot about gift-giving on our show this week. There were tips on how to find a good "green" holiday gift and how to plan for year-end donations. We looked into whether extended warranties are worth it, and why charities are sending you so much junk mail. We also heard about a winning idea of incorporating savings into credit ratings as a way to get people to save more, and about how a small town that was once considered "middle America" is doing 10 years later. If you wanted another gift, here's a playlist of the songs from the show:

  • Year of the Ox - Sufjan StevensBuy
  • Christmas Waltz - Atlantic Five Jazz BandBuy
  • Positive - Sly and the Family StoneBuy
  • A Staff of Strength In The Hands Of The Righteous - The Sway MachineryBuy
  • I Ain't Jivin, I'm Jamming - Leon Huff Jr.Buy
  • Nashville West - The ByrdsBuy