Yes, the store that sells you weird batteries and robot toys that don't stay interesting very long has a deal for YOU. The Shack is offering credits and incentives on the iPhone 4 that drive the price way down.

First, they're knocking $50 off the top. RadioShack also has a trade-in program that will drop prices further. If current iPhone users trade in their iPhone 3G, they'll receive a credit of $75 (assuming the device works and has an unbroken screen). Customers who trade in an iPhone 3GS in working condition will receive a credit of $125. Combining the $149 sale price with a $125 credit drops the effective price of the iPhone 4 16GB model to just $24, and the iPhone 4 32GB to $124 (not including taxes and fees).

It's available to new and existing AT&T customers through December 11 and only at bricks and mortar stores.

It's not hard to read between these lines. The Shack is trying to draw customers at Christmas to a store whose continued existence baffles me. AT&T is trying to grab as many customers as it can before Verizon gets the iPhone next month. You're a sucker if you sign up for a new AT&T iPhone contract right now when you will have options and more competitive deals very soon.

It would be awesome if you could still get one of these:

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