Wikileaks situation gets steadily even weirder still

John Moe Dec 3, 2010
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Wikileaks situation gets steadily even weirder still

John Moe Dec 3, 2010

Let’s recap:
– Wikileaks is shut down on a directed denial of service attack.
– They move over to Amazon’s rental web hosting.
– A senate committee asks Amazon about its relationship with Wikileaks.
– Wikileaks disappears from Amazon.
– NOW, Amazon says it wasn’t the political pressure that caused the removal but the idea that Wikileaks was in violation of copyright, contrary to Amazon’s terms of service.

Meanwhile the world plays whack-a-mole with Wikileaks web presence

A California-based hosting company called Everydns has booted Wikileaks as of about 9pm central time last night, saying they couldn’t put their other customers at risk following the massive attacks being launched against Wikileaks by hacktivists (Amazon said they were getting them too but battled back because they’re Amazon and huge). After that they’ve been appearing on Swiss servers, German servers, British servers under the name “wikileeks” but mostly if you want to find them, you can just use the ip address. Again, it all seems kind of strange given that the information is shared with news outlets so it’s not like the site is all that important. But whatever. Have fun, hacktivists.

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