Hey all you travelers: Today and tomorrow may be a massive headache! Steve Chiotakis talked to George Hobica of airfarewatchdog.com about how all the hubbub over the TSA's scanners and pat-downs can cause a headache for airline execs when they look at their bottom lines.

Time Warner is offering a package that includes the great privilege of scheduling a cable guy to show up. Is $200 worth it? In other news of services and fees, Steve talks to the LA Times's David Lazarus about why out-of-network ATM fees are so high.

In terms of the economy, the number of folks filing for unemployment benefits dropped last week. Reporter David Gura takes a look at what qualifies to be small business. And farm equipment sales are up.

In foreign news, China's asking "why can't we all get along?" in light of the recent North Korean shelling of a South Korean island. And Ireland unveiled its version of austerity cuts, which will use taxes and budget cuts to bring back $20 billion.

And lastly, a court ruled that software maker SAP will have to pay its arch-rival Oracle Corporation $1.3 billion for stealing Oracle's corporate secrets.