It's like this: Google makes an unimaginable pile of cash off of ad revenues, text ads primarily. And they have a ton of smart people working there who need to keep busy. So they're constantly launching stuff like Hotpot or Places or Instant Preview because that's better than playing Minesweeper all day and collecting money.

Today's entry is, which combines visual search and expert curation along with machine learning to sell fashion.

Fashion leaders -- designers, celebrities, etc. -- worked with Google to pick out clothing they like, and to teach Google's algorithms some basic fashion rules for what goes with what. Based on this, you can browse through not just the items that a particular celebrity has picked out, but anything that Google thinks they would like.

Because if there's one thing that goes well with fashion, it's MATH.

It's interesting to note that it's more or less a stand alone operation and you don't see Google branding all over it.

No cancellation date has been set as of yet.

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