After bailing out General Motors, taxpayers may not be able to purchase a piece of the stock pie now. Shares of GM are expected to fetch an initial price of about $33 a share. Severe consequences may be ahead for the economy, resulting from mortgage documentation issues that led to foreclosure moratoriums. And, what is the initial result of the $600 billion that was pumped into the economy? Long-term interest rates are going up. Also, a brief chat with one of the authors of a new book that explains the history of the financial crisis.

Will Germany be willing to shoulder the burden of bailing out Ireland and saving the Euro? And Fiat, the new owner of Chrysler, is gearing up to increase sales by revamping old favorites.

Find out if you can play your way to job creation with our new game. And what does the Journal of Marketing have to say about your deep need to spend on favorite brands? In music news, iTunes and the Beatles may be the next big and highly anticipated partnership in the music business. And finally, "Watchoo talkin' 'bout, Marketplace?" -- what you can learn about entrepreneurship by watching "Jerry McGuire" and "Diff'rent Strokes".