Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's show touched upon the latest news from Facebook, who announced today its new email platform. Steve Henn said the company hopes it'll be a social marketing hit. Retail sales are up, reports say, but this may just be due to seasonal pricing more than simple consumerism. On that same note, Cotton Inc. is turning 40 this year, and Jennifer Collins took a look at how the company's changed how we look at agricultural commodities. Congress is back in session today, which means the Bush-era tax cuts are a hot topic again. Also in political hot water: the Fed, being pressured by Republicans to stop pumping money into the economy. We also talked about airport security and heard from our latest Road Warrior. And here were the songs we played:

  • Take Me With U - PrinceBuy
  • Just Dance - Lady GagaBuy
  • Storms Are on the Ocean - June Carter CashBuy
  • This is Just a Modern Rock Song - Belle & SebastianBuy
  • Awe - Citizen CopeBuy