In a bid to revive the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve announced plans to buy $600 billion worth of long term government bonds. Looking ahead, what are the jobs of the future? Where will those jobs be located? Could they be on Wall Street, where a new survey indicates a 5 percent rise in bonuses?

The Canadian government blocked a $40 billion offer, from mining giant BHP Billiton, for a share of their potash industry. Fly across to Australia where the airline Qantas grounded their entire fleet of the world's biggest passenger airline, the Airbus A380. Also learn more about Kangbashi, located in Ordos -- the Inner Mongolian city has the highest per capita GDP of any city in China, where 90 percent of the homes are empty.

Where are you right now? Do you want me, and the rest of the world, to know? Find out if geolocation is for you. And finally, at the Canadian border, was it a case of "want all, lose all" for a man and his casino loot?