What are the possible effects of the midterm elections on the Bush tax cuts, which expire at the end of the year? U.S. voters put pen to ballot to register their views on climate change, health care and other issues. Meanwhile, Congressman Joe Barton of Texas joins us to speak about his plans for the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Today the Federal Reserve will announce how much money it will pump into the financial system. This plan is being watched closely by European central banks, which may be tempted to follow the Federal Reserve's example. And Delta employees may vote to take the issue of wages and benefits out of the hands of its executives, if they agree to join a union.

The end of election season means the end of endless political ads. What does that mean for other marketing? Find out how Latinos may become the next top chefs in the American cuisine landscape. What is the mystery of the disappearing McRib? And finally, will children in San Francisco just have to play with their food?