The U.S. gross domestic product grew at a 2 percent clip, somewhat less than analysts were expecting. On the election ballot in San Francisco -- should people be restricted from lying on the sidewalks overnight? And in an effort to re-pay taxpayers, General Motors tries to make itself more attractive to investors before an anticipated IPO next month.

Who is to blame for the use of unstable cement that resulted in the oil spill disaster in the Gulf? In Europe, sponsors reign supreme for sporting teams. Also, is the airline industry getting a lift from their old pals, the business traveler?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans to use online technology to encourage you to report wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Fox is losing its younger viewers, despite the popularity of "Glee."

Find out which country's unemployment rate is double that of the U.S. And finally, who do you blame for your excess weight? How about your employer.