Today we look at Bank of America's announcement that it will resume foreclosure proceedings in almost two dozens states this week, after admitting they found some mistakes in paperwork. This may be one of the reasons why the Federal Reserve is investigating whether banks cut corners on foreclosure documents. One of our analysts looks at mortgages and finances, against the backdrop of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speaking at the FDIC symposium. Also we look at why some traders are frustrated with the accuracy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's crop report.

Over in Iceland, the government is inviting companies to set up servers there and publish materials online without fear of lawsuits or censorship. At the G-20 meeting this weekend, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner encouraged global finance ministers to agree on a proposal to curb trade imbalances. And over in New Zealand, protesters are demanding that films in the "The Hobbit" franchise film there.

Back in the U.S. cable subscribers may choose to "cut" their cable subscriptions as a solution to problems with cable providers. Also, we look at a sustainable job that is growing almost as fast as its little clients. And finally we take a look at the top 15 things NOT to say to your boss.