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By now you may have heard that your Facebook data may have been taken by third party application developers and moved over to ad companies. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that of the top 10 apps on Facebook, all 10 were engaged in this practice. Some of them were even capturing information about your friends and then turning around and selling it.

So what happens now?

We take a look at where your data is going, what it's going to be used for, and how you'll see it coming back to you again. We also re-visit Facebook itself and ask whether we can expect to see any changes as a result of this latest dust-up.

Our guest, Chet Wisniewski from the security company Sophos, says that while these app developers are really to blame for this situation, having violated Facebook rules, Facebook could have been more vigilant about making sure the rules were being followed. We're also joined by Kate Raynes Goldie from Ryerson University in Toronto who fills us in on where Facebook goes from here.

Also in this show, the curious case of Officer Bubbles.