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BILL RADKE: In the U.K., some of the biggest media groups have joined forces against Rupert Murdoch. They're the urging the British government to block Murdoch's latest corporate media maneuver.

We get that story from Marketplace's Stephen Beard in London.

STEPHEN BEARD: This is an unprecedented alliance. The publicly-owned BBC has joined with major newspapers both on the left and right of British politics. Together they're urging the government to consider blocking Rupert Murdoch's latest plan. The tycoon aims to take full control over satellite broadcaster BSKYB. He wants to buy the 61 percent that he doesn't already own. Murdoch currently controls about one third of the U.K.'s newspaper market.

George Brock is Professor of Journalism at City University in London. He says Murdoch's British rivals are getting nervous.

GEORGE BROCK: He is a very powerful figure. And there will be plenty of people in this argument who will say: "He's quite powerful enough. He shouldn't get any more powerful. And the law should be used to limit that power."

Today's call to block Murdoch's move is a political headache for the government. The ruling Conservatives came to power with the support of Britain's bestselling newspaper -- The Sun -- owned by Rupert Murdoch.

In London this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.