As BlackBerry flails somewhat in trying to capture a share of the consumer smartphone market, at least it has had business customers to fall back on. If the BlackBerry can't be the fun phone to buy for yourself, at least it's the one your company bought for you.

Sensing weakness, like some sort of robot shark, Motorola is going after that segment too with the just-announced Droid Pro, a business-targeted version of its very successful Android phone. It's like the Droid but adds more layers of security, such as the ability to remotely wipe the data in case it's lost or stolen.

Another important feature that has been added to the Droid Pro is support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology. This allows corporate users to get their work e-mail pushed to their phones. RIM's push technology has made e-mail its killer application for most corporate users. But with ActiveSync, the Motorola Droid Pro and other devices using the technology, can get the same type of e-mail service as people using a BlackBerry.

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