Look for a new Bon Jovi video - shot in 3D - coming soon. And, it's not just the boys from New Jersey. Sony says 3D is hitting the music industry hard. There's Shakira, Black Eyed Peas and Justin Bieber 3D concert movies and videos. Sony says they're getting ready to film a 3D version of a recital by classical pianist Lang Lang. James Cameron, of Avatar fame, has a production company that is helping some of this for our viewing pleasure (a Black Eyed Peas 3D movie-concert). He says,

"You would think classical music is pretty static and you would not feel that much stuff going on, but actually because of the depth of 3-D, you really actually enhance the listening experience and connection to the music by having that shot in 3-D."

And you can watch it all on Toshiba glasses-free 3D TV provided you keep your head absolutely still!

It's only going to be in Japan for now but it will be available in December. There will be two versions of the "Glass-less REGZA 3D TV", a 20 inch and a 12 inch screen. As anticipated with this version of 3D, you can't just watch it from any old angle as you could with a sensible TV, the kind of TV you should buy instead of a 3D TV. No, you have to position yourself at one of 9 "viewing angles" and then hold your head still. Entertainment! The top of the line model goes for $2900.

You: Hey everyone! Come over to my house tonight! I just dropped 3 grand for a new no-goggle 3D TV from Japan! We'll all hold our heads perfectly still in designated spots and watch the new Lang Lang concert! Straight up Lang Lang while holding still, yo! 3D!!!

Your friends: We are no longer your friends.

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