Twitter is ushering in a new kind of celebrity auction. And the bidding ends tomorrow.

But if you win - you still won't get a date with Demi Morre. Bidders will likely never meet the celebrities in person. Instead, celebs promise will follow the winning bidders on Twitter and re-tweet what they post.

So for a price you get you can turn a celebrity into your on personal twitter puppet.

More than a hundred performers are taking part including Eva Longoria, Cher, Justin Bieber. But so far the biggest bids are for Zachary Levi. Levi stars in Chuck on NBC. And one fan's offering almost $15,000.

All the money goes to help build a home in Haiti for children with disabilities. Skateboard legend [Tony Hawk](Tony Hawk) is begging for bids, tweeting "We can RT each other like we're BFF's, all for charity. I'll throw in a signed skateboard too. Boom."