Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace Money, Friday, September 10, 2010

Can money buy you happiness? Professor Elizabeth Dunn argues that maybe happiness doesn't depend on how big your bank account is, but rather what you spend it on. If you're not so good at keeping track of what you're spending on, the proverbial wallet -- a digital wallet created by MIT student John Kestner that helps you keep track of your finances in real time -- may be for you. There were also stories about the housing situation in the South, and the difficulties many refugees are facing when trying to find employment in the U.S. Tess also takes time to read your letters, and continues contemplating her DJ name. Here's what we DJed for the show:

  • Blips, Drips and Strips - StereolabBuy
  • Brooklyn is Burning - Head AutomaticaBuy
  • Dials - School of Seven BellsBuy
  • A Taste of Honey - Chet AtkinsBuy
  • Joe Metro - Blue ScholarsBuy