Because clicking something is a real pain. You'll never get that 1/5th of a second back. You could have been using that time to volunteer in your community.

Google debuted a new thingie today: Google Instant. Go to and if you have a current browser and are logged in to your Google account, you can see instant results as you type. They appear below what you're typing as you type it.

Xeni at Boing Boing suggests someone write a list for what each letter wants to point you to.

Here's what I got:

A - Amazon

B - Best Buy

C - Craigslist

D - Dictionary

E - Ebay

F - Facebook

G - Gmail (not Google? Well, I suppose if they're already there.)

H - Hotmail

I - Ikea

J - Jimmy John's (seems a bit Minnesota-centric, that result)

K - Kare 11 (sure enough!)

L - Lowe's

M - Mapquest

N - Netflix

O - Orbitz

P - Pandora

Q - Qwest


S - Star Tribune (Minnesota again)

T - Target

U - USPS (really?)

V - Valleyfair (local amusement park)

W - Weather

X - Xcel Energy

Y - YouTube

Z - Zappos

Here's Wired's coverage.

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