Posted by Matt Berger

For Marketplace, Friday, September 3, 2010

With the official jobs report out, we looked at how long-term unemployment is redirecting many Americans' life choices, and whether a payroll tax cut will result in more jobs. We also had stories on how the food price surge may not lead to chaos, lessons learned from the Gulf oil spill, Verizon's pay-as-you-go plans for many of the smartphones it offers, fashion going high-tech, and Kai Ryssdal gives a little morsel on the best and worst of fast food. If you're hungry for our songs, here's the music we played:

  • Southern Girl -- MazeBuy
  • Stay By Me -- Annie LennoxBuy
  • R U Listenin'? -- Illa JBuy
  • Brother Lee -- Citizen CopeBuy
  • Call Me -- BlondieBuy
  • Portofino -- Teengirl FantasyBuy

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