You'd think deep-fried butter was the pinnacle of fried food -- it's fat fried with fat! But an inventor debuted deep-fried beer at the Texas State Fair's fried food competition -- it's one of eight finalists for a Big Tex Choice Award.

According to The Guardian, a "salty, pretzel-like dough" is filled with beer. Inventor Mark Zable:

"It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer."

The ravioli-like pockets of beer are fried for just 20 seconds, which is just short enough so the treat stays alcoholic. But given that fried food is the post-imbibing food of choice, won't the alcoholic be neutralized anyways?

Perhaps the guys at Stone Brewing will have some insight into this matter. That's Kai up there with the Stone Brewing's co-owner Greg Koch. Check out photos of Kai's visit to Stone Brewing in San Diego and listen to an interview he did with Koch about the brewery's jump to the European market.